Hummingbird Takeoff

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Horseshoe Bend

My photo of Horseshoe Bend is being featured on a site promoting the city of Page, Arizona in all its natural beauty!

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Check it out at

The magnificent hummingbird

Male magnificent hummingbirds of Costa Rica.



Violet sabrewing hummingbird

Violet sabrewing hummingbird

Prepare for a barrage of hummingbird photos taken almost a year ago on my trip to Costa Rica.

Ruby Beach

Footprints in the sand of Ruby Beach at Olympic National Park. Taken on the HTC one x.


Purple Ochre Starfish

Taken at the tidepools of Beach #4 at Olympic National Park with the HTC one x.


The Space Needle

Camera phones have become more powerful than I thought they ever could be.

Taken with the HTC one x on landscape mode.


The Mittens at Monument Valley.gif

Here’s a second one I did of Monument Valley. I bit more 3D perspective in this one.


The Grand Canyon.gif

Made a 3D-ish gif of one of my photos taken at the Grand Canyon. Edited in Adobe after effects and photoshop.